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Potassium Humates
Aquatic Chemicals is a supplier of Potassium Humates, that is a potassium salt of the humic acid. This is available in forms, like flakes, powder, granules and crystal. It can be used for enhancing the productivity of different fertilizers. Offered in granule, flake and powder forms, Potassium Humates are used to balance ph level and to enhance fertility of soil. It acts as suitable buffering factor for soil and promotes generation of plant based enzymes. Moreover it assists in respiratory function of the roots of plants.
Amino Acid Protein Hydrolysate
If you want to buy Aquatic Chemicals, contact Amino Acid Protein Hydrolysate. Our company applies hydrolysis process in the formulation of these primary compounds. Customers can buy this chemical compound in powder form. Amino Acid Protein Hydrolysate has been formulated by using combined form of amino acids. It is used as protein supplement and nutrients. Offered at pocket friendly price range, this compound can be obtained in powder form. It can be stored for longer period without hampering its nutritional quality.
Seaweed Extract Flakes
Our 1991 established company, Aquatic Chemicals is good at manufacturing and supplying seaweed extract flakes to customers in India and foreign countries. It is ideal to be used in all kinds of crops. It can be used with other solutions to enhance nutrient assimilation. Produced from marine plants, Seaweed Extract Flakes are used to promote growth of plants by providing necessary trace elements like cytokinin, gibberellins and auxins. As effective bio fertilizing factors, these flakes are useful for improving nutrient uptake level of plants.
Humica Granular
Humica Granular offered by Aquatic Chemicals, a 1991 established company, can be used for enhancing soil texture by providing nourishment to the soil. It can be used in all kinds of fruits and vegetables crops. Available in different packaging options, provided Humica Granular is beneficial for improving soil fertility level. Easily soluble in water, this granular item is effective in promoting immunity power of plants to safeguard these against extreme weather conditions like  flood and drought.
Bentonite is obtained by quarrying. It is the clay form of volcanic ash. This versatile clay is wide applications in different industries, In agricultural arena, its granular or powder form is used to enhance fertility of soil. This non toxic grade clay is enriched with silica, manganese and magnesium. Bentonite is a clay mineral of high water absorption capacity, that can be used as agriculture chemical. It also has use in many industrial applications. Customers can get this chemical in fine packing.
Nitrobenzene Based Flower Booster
Nitrobenzene based flower booster offered by Aquatic Chemicals is a flowering booster, that also improves the rate of flower and yield. This chemical compound can work to elongate plant cells. Widely used in floriculture arena, this Nitrobenzene Based Flower Booster can bring noticeable positive change in flower productivity of plants. Known for its precise ph level, this flower boosting agent is applied by spraying. It is offered in liquid form.
Brassinolides is one of the agro chemicals offered by Aquatic Chemicals, that can work to improve plant growth, development and immunity. This plant growth promoter is soluble in cold water and hot water. Brassinolides is used in agricultural arena to promote setting of fruits and to quicken plant growth. It also boosts immunity power of plants. Notable for its off white color, this agrochemical has high melting point and it is soluble in water.
Bio-Granules Plus
Aquatic Chemicals supplies Bio-Granules Plus, needed for nourishing soil by maintaining soil microbes growth. This agro chemical available in granule form is natural, biodegradable and environment friendly. Known for its neutral ph level and grayish brown color, this Bio-Granules Plus is used to enhance fertility of soil and to optimize crop productivity level. Besides promoting root development of plants, this Eco friendly product helps to improve texture of applied soil.
Nitrobenzene Emulsifiers
Nitrobenzene Emulsifiers in the offering is a non-toxic agro chemical that works to increase flowering of the plants, energize plants and boost yield. It can be used in small doses. Offered in free flow powder form, Nitrobenzene Emulsifiers are preferred for their non toxic content and precise composition. These emulsifiers can be dissolved easily with water prior to foliar spray. Stable properties, simple handling method, long storage life and high density are their key features.
Huminozyme Gel
Huminozyme Gel is one of the agro chemicals offered by Aquatic Chemicals. A manufacturing and exporting company make sure that the chemical they provide is beneficial to the users. This chemical is a mix of humic acid, seaweed, bacteria, and amino acid. In agricultural arena, Huminozyme Gel is used to quicken plant growth. Micronutrients present in this product accelerate production of plant hormones, enhances leaf structure, improves soil fertility level and boosts immunity power of plants. Simple to apply, this gel is cost effective.
Fulvic Acid
Aquatic Chemicals is a producer of Fulvic Acid, an organic acid in humus. The best thing about this chemical are non-toxicity. It can be used for enhancing photosynthesis, dissolving minerals and trace elements, increasing the oxygen uptake capacity of plants. Enriched with humic acid, Fulvic Acid has a key role in enhancing nutrient absorption capacity and metabolic functions of plants. As an effective fertilizer, this product boosts crop production rate and makes soil fertile. It is applied on soil via foliar spray method.
Titanium Dioxide
Aquatic Chemicals is a trusted provider of Titanium Dioxide, with excellent properties and reflectivity. It is applicable in a number of industries, for instance food, paper, plastic, paint, coating and ink. Titanium Dioxide is used to formulate inks, coatings and medicinal items. As a suitable catalyst, it is added in skimmed milk to enhance its whiteness level. Long storage life, stable chemical attributes, good reflectivity level and high dispersion rate are its main features.
Natural Beeswax
Aquatic Chemicals is a trusted source of Natural Beeswax, that can be used in cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical industries. We can supply it worldwide in a hygienic and tamper proof packages. Lip balm, body bar, wax, polish, candles and many such products can be made using it. Application of Natural Beeswax can be noticed in candle making industry, cosmetics and food processing arena. Safe to handle and use, this beeswax has been processed under controlled environment. Long storage life, pure content and stable properties are its key factors.
Seaweed Extract Powder
Seaweed Extract Powder is a water soluble extract that can be used for foliar and irrigation purposes. This black powder is composed of Alganic Acid, Nitrognen, Phosphorous, Potassium, Cu,Fe,Ze., etc.

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